Worst First Day Stories

Written by Mel Kleiman on May 16, 2010

Here’s a recap of the story a first-time worker employed by a major grocery chain posted on Yahoo… She was excited for the opportunity and happy because she already had two friends who worked in the store. However, she wondered online if she’d made a mistake because her first day consisted of two hours of paperwork, three hours of customer service and safety videos, and one hour stocking shelves. The way this “orientation” was handled made her feel more like a burden than a welcome addition to the team, so she asked the online community if they thought she should hang in there or quit. The overwhelming advice was to quit.

Promises, Promises

This one illustrates the costly fallout from management promises not kept.
Six months ago, I left a lead position at a big box office supply store to accept a much lower paying position. Why did I do this? Because I was tired of being treated as if I didn’t matter.

Within the first three months, I was thrilled to be promoted from Sales Associate to Lead. I was promised monthly bonuses, excellent benefits, raises, and much more. And through the whole thing, it was drilled into me how much the company believed in “Promoting from Within.”

Throughout the year and nine months I held the lead position, I saw only two bonuses, benefits that took more out of my pocket than benefited me, and no raises after the initial bump for the lead position (although my duties tripled). No suggestions I made were ever taken, I was never considered for promotion, and I was barely even acknowledged by our District Manager or any of the higher-ups when they took time out of their schedules to actually make it to our store.

I keep in contact with my ex-co-workers, and have discovered that it has only gotten worse since I left. Our District Manager refused to promote our top Assistant Manager to Store Manager because she was a woman. In fact, they demoted her after a year and a half (telling her she “wasn’t that good of an Assistant Manager anyway”) and gave her position to a new Assistant Manager who has been there less than six months. The new store manager they brought in had never worked for the company (so much for promoting from within). So where did I go?

Starbucks. Another large corporation in a small town, but this one is run properly. In six months, I have gotten two raises, full benefits (for anyone who works 20+ hrs/week), stock options, and soon, a promotion. Best of all, I have regained my happiness and sanity. Those are the most important things of all.

And on a side note…the “top Assistant Manager” from the big box store starts training with me next week.

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