A Simple System to On-Board, Engage, and Retain Top Talent

The 5 Firsts is a simple, straightforward employee on-boarding and retention program that can help any organization keep new hires engaged, productive and happy – as well as improve the bottom line. Its design took into account the results of a long-term research study which concludes the most profitable business organizations in North America have three things in common:

  1. the lowest employee turnover in their respective industries
  2. their employees are highly engaged
  3. they aggressively promote women to executive positions

In order to build on the correlation between lower turnover, higher profits, and the relationship skills women bring to the workplace, The 5 Firsts consists of five simple steps designed to create a personal, emotional connection between the employee, the job, and the company that reduces turnover and improves profits.

by Mel Kleiman $13.95 60 pp.

Mel Kleiman’s new book, The 5 Firsts, is a MUST READ for every manager.  So many books are focused on theory, but short on practical steps that can be implemented immediately and with little cost. Once again, Mel has hit the mark, providing an easy, five step recipe to help new employees feel respected and valued from the moment they walk in the door.”
—Monique Kahkonen, Director, Human Resources, Comfort Keepers

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