Praise for The 5 Firsts…

Mel has always had a knack of making hiring and employment processes easy for everyone to understand and this book is no exception. He is able to capture the key elements of the activities that most managers find challenging (on-boarding, motivating, performance reviews, employee retention, and termination) and explain them in a way that is understandable and actionable for the reader regardless of their background or experience. He not only provides a simple step-by-step system but, more importantly, he provides suggested scripts to follow that make what used to be difficult conversations easy.”
—Roger Glenn, Group Vice President, Human Resources, major food retailer

In his best selling book, Hire Tough, Manage Easy, Mel taught us how to select the right person for the job. Here, in The 5 Firsts, we learn how to make the most of our new hires by capitalizing on five key moments in time to engage new team members, maximize their potential and reinforce their decision to join our company. Happy team members equal happy customers and anyone can use these five, easy steps to get new hires fully engaged and feeling good about their new employer.”
—Armando Lopez, Director of Field Human Resources, O’Charley’s, Inc.

Mel has a great intuitive sense about human nature. He hones in on what makes people motivated and offers suggestions on how to help keep your professional team engaged. Mel has an energetic presentation style that brings his words to life and makes them memorable. Mel’s insights are like “a ha” moments because the concepts make great sense and are proven to make a difference. As well, Mel has the ability to present his material in a manner that is easy to assimilate and begin implementing immediately. I would recommend Mel Kleiman as a great resource if you are looking to reinvent your recruitment and retention practices.”
—Doreen Belliveau, Chatters