Founded in 1976, Humetrics has been helping employers build a frontline the builds their bottom lines by standardizing and systemizing the way they recruit, select, and retain frontline hourly employees and their managers for over 30 years.

We also provide consulting services, training programs, and speaking presentations built upon in-depth research and best practice studies of how to recruit, hire, and retain a productive, motivated, and stable hourly workforce.

We pride ourselves on cost-effective, easy to implement solutions. Our research, hiring tools, and training programs have helped hundreds of employers and thousands of business owners and hiring managers worldwide reduce hourly employee turnover, increase productivity, and improve profits.

A demonstrated leader in HR thought, Humetrics also provides valuable research on best practices in staffing and recruiting using key performance indicators and metrics.

Over the years, Humetrics has published a number of leading edge research studies and books including the bestselling “Hire Tough, Manage Easy.”