How to Improve Productivity & Profits in 5 Easy Steps

The first hour on the job is the most important
time you will ever spend with your new employee.

There will never be another time when that person
will be as receptive, willing to listen, and eager to
understand your expectations as well as to live up
to them.
What a difference a day makes, only eight
little hours…

What happens during the first day will determine
whether your new employee leaves excited, proud,
and happy or disappointed, confused, and frustrated.

Reinforce Their Decision to Join the Company

Now that you’ve worked so hard to make a terrific
first day’s impression and you’ve checked back with
your new hire a few times during the week, the end
of the first week is the time to capitalize on your

“Never confuse the size of a person’s
paycheck with the importance of their
Mel Kleiman

Presenting the first paycheck underlines the importance of your feedback and strengthens the employee’s relationship with you, the job, and the company.

The fifth first is a stop loss strategy.
You have been asking the applicant some
hard questions during the past month.
Now it’s time to ask yourself the hard questions
about your onboarding process and how the new
employee is performing.

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