Employee from Hell Story

Written by Mel Kleiman on April 20, 2010

Yesterday I blogged about negligent retention and got this story from a reader who had, in fact, hired the employee from HELL. Here it is just as I received it.

I once got stung with a lawsuit by a chronic employer-suer, who I was in too much of a rush to hire. He seemed just perfect and his references (who it turned out were terrified to say anything bad) said he walked on water.

So I had a lying, drug-using near psychotic, who lied like crazy in court about things that never happened, and even though I had witnesses, he won on one of his ridiculous claims in court after my life (and the lives of others) were turned upside down for months by depositions, hearings, etc. So I got religion on this one, believe me.

I didn’t dare post all this today because I figured the nut might read it and find a way to sue me. Keep spreading the message! It’s important. (You need to hire tough and don’t beleive everything you hear).

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