And then there were two…

Written by Mel Kleiman on May 16, 2010

Here’s a story a phone center technical support rep shared. While he managed to get through the first day on the job successfully, most all of the rest of the people in his group of new hires didn’t fare so well.

My current job had a pretty epic first day. After the first three weeks in training, I show up 30 minutes late and all my supervisor says to me is: “Thank God, I thought you bailed.” I then spent the rest of the day in queue with no down time between calls while a lot of people from my training class ended up quitting (two people just up and walked out), getting sent home, needing a supervisor to bail them out, or sitting with another rep while they got their bearings. One of the people that walked out was a previous Apple tech. The only other person besides me that didn’t flake out to some extent was someone who’d worked tech support for Dell.

Nothing quite like knowing you’re one of the better people in your training class.

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