The 5 Firsts

Did you know:

  • Fifty percent of new, hourly employees quit in the first six months and
    that many of those leave during the first month?
  • That many of these are people who get the impression that either they and/or
    what they do are not very important?
  • That more than 70 percent of the American workers recently polled by Gallup describe
    themselves as either “not engaged” or “totally unengaged” with their jobs.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the answers to the following questions are critical to every employer’s bottom line:

  • When on-boarding new hires, do you take advantage of the power of first impressions?
  • Why the day and time you start your new employees makes a difference?
  • Why you should never start a new employee on Monday morning first thing or at the
    beginning of a shift?

The 5 Firsts program is designed to help you efficiently and cost-effectively establish a positive, lasting relationship with every new hire and is keyed to these important events:

  2. The end of the FIRST DAY
  3. The end of the FIRST WEEK
  5. The end of the FIRST 30 DAYS

To learn how to leverage the power of first impressions, minimize costly employee turnover, and maximize profitability, read on…

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